Our Confidence Academy

For the Kids 

Empowering our Kids Squad Program

An online program for our Squad swimmers while they are out of the water to keep their Mindset and Body in the right shape, to be the best when they get back in!

Start a Nature Journal

Start off your Nature Study with a beginner Nature Study journal!

Mindfulness Lesson plans

Start a Mindfulness practice at home with your own lesson plans !

For Mums and Dads 

The Art of Authenticity 

An online program  to  find your Authentic you!, your passions, your goals and dreams.

The Water Confidence Project​

For mums to teach their kids at home to be water confident before starting swim lessons.

The Learn to Swim Project ​

When your child needs to learn the strokes of FREE, BACK, BREAST and FLY and you have access to your own pool to help them with these skills

Empowering our kids Inner Circle

Monthly Membership for meditations, Yoga and calming techniques

The ART of Mind Success

Train your Brain to work for you to succeed in whatever you Dream!

The ART of Mindfulness

A program for Mums and Dads to learn Mindfulness techniques to help their kids to learn to calm.

The Pathfinder Project

Lost? Need to find your new Path for the Life of your Dreams?

The Overcoming Obstacles Project

Successfully managing obstacles to achieve your dreams

For those who want to teach

TJ's Swim Teacher Project

Skills to inspire you to be the BEST swim teacher you can be! Saving lives and inspiring our kids.

The EOK Teacher Project

Teacher training to become an Empowering our Kids Coach!

The TJ's Teacher Project

Become apart of our Wonderful team of teachers. Swim, EOK, Admin and much much more!

Your own Studio Project

Step by Step setting up and running your own EOK Studio