Our Confidence Academy

Free Craft Activities for your kids

Download our Free Ebook of Craft Activities at home


30 Day Mindful Challenge

Learn how to bring Mindfulness into your day in 10 minutes per day.

Mindful Monthly Membership

Start a Mindfulness practice at home with your own lesson plans !

Confident Calm Kids

An online animated program to introduce Social Emotional Learning to your kids

Mindfulness Journal

Mindfulness Journal for your kids to do at home

EOK Craft Club

A Creative Craft program  for kids to do at home and bring Calm to their day.

EOK Journal Club

An online program to teach kids to Journal with art, stamps and make it themselves.

Steam Craft Club

Steam craft activities 

Start a Nature Journal

Start off your Nature Study with a beginner Nature Study journal!

Mind Body Create 

SuperPowered Teens

SuperPowered Teens

learn the Mind-Body Tools to empower your Teen

This is our Signature program for Teens to build confidence, resilience, understand a healthy Mind-Body connection and Create.

We use Stories, animations, Art, Yoga, meditation and Movement.