OUR vision

To support Teens to find their unique Learning Pathway and Transform Anxiety and Stress into SuperPowers of Courage, Confidence and Resilience through Mindfulness, Yoga, Meditation, Multisensory and ART!

our mission

Our Mission is to empower, educate, motivate and inspire Teens, to grow in confidence, self esteem and find their Genius by creating a Learning Pathway using unique way of Learning . If we can empower our children at 14 years of age imagine what sort of adults they will grow to be!

our goals

To empower children to lead a confident life no matter of the circumstances, we start our classes with BE, just BE, BE confident, BE grateful, BE courageous and Breathe!

To inspire children to take control of their lives, make a vision and set SMART goals. DREAM is hard for most of us, as a child we can have the most vivid DREAMS and by encouraging the kids to DREAM big is a great way for them to achieve their goals.

To motivate children to use the tools to help themselves and choose the tool right for them to BELIEVE they can do this at anytime of the day or whenever they need. By using postive affirmations daily.

To build confidence and eradicate the negative thought patterns, by practicing YOGA daily even for just 10 minutes a day will provide amazing results.

To educate children on how their minds work and tools to help on their life adventure, allowing kids to DREAM. Have big DREAMS and chase after them, having a Vision and then breaking the goal into small stepping steps will help your child ACHIEVE their Goals . We do this with Positive Art Coaching.

A CALM mind  is our final goal for a successful child to be able to relax in life. Teaching Teens meditation skills so they can use anywhere.

Our Program

Our online programs – Play Create Discover and Mindfulness.

Join our Wild & Free Nature Group on Friday Mornings at Mt Peel for a stunning Nature walk and journal session, Notice, Wonder and Reflect the beauty of our Natural world.

Monthly ART Workshops are held on Saturday or Sundays with a specific theme for the workshop.

Holiday workshops run for 2 hours or all day options. We run our classes and our Positive Art Workshops . You can do 1, all day or come for the whole 3 days! Find your Genius, Passion and Purpose and live in Flow.

Our Nature Retreats for 3 days occur once per year at Glen Elg Station to put all into practice. Bushwalk, Yoga and meditation sessions and journaling.

Sessions via ZOOM.

Our GO ZEN sessions are transformational interactive sessions full of animations and journals.


Confident Calm Kids Program

  To encourage our kids to Find Calm in the Chaos of life!

Mindful Monthly Membership

Be focusing on our Character Strengths and building on these instead of stressing about our weaknesses we will build stronger Kids!

30 day Mindful challenge

Developing a soaring self esteem and understanding the uniqueness of ME!

 superpowered teens

Teen Yoga Leadership program


Developing the connection between family, friends and life is a great way to understand and show Gratitude.


All children love to be creative and letting them learn through being and exploring their creativity really gets their DREAMS blooming with our Positive Art Coaching sessions and monthly craft membership clubs.

Why is it that I can help you,

I am a certified

Genius School  Educator and Flow Consultant

Health Dynamics

Holistic Life Coach & Mind-Body Practitioner

Adventures in Wisdom Coach

Child Psychology certified

Mental Wellbeing in Children

Yoga Teacher and specialised Rainbow Kids yoga teacher and Divine Light Yoga

Teens Meditation teacher – Shambala Kids

Master Life Coach

Specialties – Mindfulness, CBT, Anxiety, dyslexia, art therapy

Positive Art Coach

Neuroptimal Trainer

Teacher training for Students with Neurodiversity

Coaching the mental game – Deakin University

Mindfulness for wellbeing and peak performance – Monash University

Sensory Processing Disorder Awareness Diploma

Reflexology, Reiki Master, chakra

Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Go Zen Facilitator

Grow your Mind Facilitator

doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Stampin UP Demonstrator

Maths U See Maths Intervention trained


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