5 Things I Want To Help My Audience With

My blog exists to help Homeschool Mums with curriculum printables to help homeschool Teens with ease and have fun along the way.

  • To help new homeschooling mums inspire a love of learning with Inquiry Based learning units.
  • To help parents find fun and cheap activities to do with their Teens to empower a health Mind and Body.
  • To help mums with adding Mind Tools to uncover their Teens genius, Healthy Mind and Body activities to add to your homeschool day with Yoga, Art, Read Alouds and Multisensory activities.
  • To help parents teach their Teens the Mind Tools to reduce Stress and Anxiety.
  1. Empower parents with the skills they need to teach their Teens Mind and Body Tools.

Why do we need Mind and Body Tools? How will they help my Teen? We all dream of Healthy Teens that are confident, healthy and Free to love learning with curiosity. When our Teens get stressed or anxious the Amygdala – Part of the brain that protects us, shuts down the Pre frontal cortex – the thinking part and the Hippocampus our memory part so that it is ready to Fight, Flight or Freeze when in Danger. This may have worked when we were cavemen being chased by bears. But our brain cannot tell the difference from real danger or perceived danger eg. being hit by a car or hearing an upsetting remark from a friend. By teaching our Teens the Mind and Body Tools to help calm our mind we can help them reduce the stress or anxiety and get back to enjoying life.

  1. Provide easy to follow printables to teach Mind Body Tools

We will create easy, fun printables to add these Mind Body Tools to our Homeschool routine in as little as 10 minutes per day. We also have larger E-books and printables for more activities or join our Membership and get complete access to our Resource Library.

  1. Recommend only the best books for Read Alouds for our Unit Study.

We love books in our Homeschool learning Centre, we love Read Alouds, every Unit starts with a Story which opens up the subject and kids learn the most through Stories. We will give the best recommendations for Stories to get started with any subject.

  1. Help parents instil confidence and Self-esteem in their children

This is my life long purpose to instil confidence in the kids in our Swim school. My husband and I have run a Swim school for over 15 years and been involved in swimming for nearly 25 years. In all of these years the biggest goal for our Team was to instil confidence in and out of the pool. To empower kids to love the water and the life skills that go hand in hand with swimming. The last 5 years I have moved into Life Coaching to help kids more. I want to build resilience, character strengths. CONFIDENCE and self-esteem. Want to download a copy of our FREE Empowering Positive Self esteem in kids go to our Resource Library 

  1. Write a weekly blog post to help parents on their journey

Each week we will take our Mums on a journey and offer a Free Printable to use in your Homeschool adventure. We know how scary this can be as all the different styles and curriculums that are on offer. We as an Eclectic homeschooling style of family have taken the best bits we have found from all styles and use what we love and we want to share with you.

So let’s go on this adventure together and Empower our Kids to have a Healthy Mind and Body and to instil a love of learning the way our Kids need to learn!

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