Set up, Step up Show up in 2021

In January our 1 on 1 GO ZEN sessions will recommence.

What are these you ask?

They are 1 on 1 session via Zoom using our Animated programs to help your Tween or Teen understand how the mind works to protect them, Anxiety relief, well-being and resilience, OCD relief, mindfulness, negative thoughts relief, Panic attack relief and Procrastination relief.

Which program would help your child

GoZen – Anxiety relief
GoStrengths – Well-being and Resilience
GoHackify – OCD Relief
GoTotheNow – Mindfulness
GoPositive – Negative thoughts relief
GoWave – Panic Attack Relief
GoAction – Procrastination Relief

SuperPowered Teens – 12 week individualised pathway for Mind-Body

How does it work?

  • Zoom calls once per week
  • Journals and Art Activities
  • Group calls once per month
  • Access to Mind-Body Tools Library
  • Access to Fitness on the Go Platform

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