I set aside time each day for stillness and contemplation.






I maintain a consistent meditation practice. I block out time on my schedule and develop a routine that works for me. I may meditate in the morning as soon as I wake up or in the evening after I return home from work.


To prepare for each session, I create a welcoming environment and limit distractions. I put aside concerns about deadlines at work and chores at home. I turn off my phone and laptop. I shut out background noise.


I start out small. I respect my limits. Five minutes spent meditating with strong concentration is more productive than five hours of letting my mind wander.


I experiment with different methods. One day I may follow my breath in and out, and another day I may chant a mantra. Sometimes I read poetry or scriptures, and sometimes I explore my own thoughts.


I let go of expectations. I appreciate each session without clinging to a specific outcome.


I share my practice with others. Having a meditation instructor or buddy makes me feel more accountable.


I enjoy greater peace and happiness. I am motivated to meditate regularly because I see how it enhances my life. I grow stronger and more resilient. I feel sharper and more connected.


Today, I look forward to sitting down to breathe and reflect. I make my meditation practice automatic by turning it into a daily habit.

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