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Troy and I have been building childrens confidence in and out of the pool for over 25 years. We have run swim schools and now bringing your a new program to help you and your child to live the most confident life of thier dreams. 

We are not only angry about children drowning we want to save their lives, we are now so frustrated and angry with the bullying and suicide rates. WE not only want to save them from drowning but save them form others too.

We believe children are not all made for the one size its all rule, we have over the years tried and tested many ways to build childrens confidence so they can achieve anything they want in thier life. 

We as parents to 3 beautiful girls have gone through many stages and lastly the frustration of watching a child start school with so much confidence and then lose confidence due to not being able to learn the same way as all the other kids due to SPD and dyslexia  and countless snickers and bullying from the other children knocking her confidence to the point she did not want to learn anymore.

Now though, we have designed a program to help other parents who are also in the same boat we were until we found some simple tools to help. We have home educated and we know not every one is in the situation that they can stay at home to do this, we have also used nature study, yoga, meditation, reading aloud, art, art and more art. Brain tools to retrain the brain and we are here to share our tools to help you with your journey.

looking forward to helping you on your journey to also have the most confident kids in the world.

                                                                                                                 Jodie Chandler

Build Confidence for kids

Program for kids to build confidence and self esteem using Yoga, meditation, stories and art.

Mindfulness for Parents

Workshops for Parents to teach mindfulness techniques to help their kids at home, using Yoga, meditation, stories and art.

The Confidence Academy

Program for parents to build confidence and self esteem , goal setting, overcoming obstacles

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Our Confidence Academy

For the Kids Empowering our Kids Squad ProgramAn online program for our Squad swimmers while they are out of the water to keep their Mindset and Body in the right shape, to be the best when they get back in! Access For Here  Start off your Nature Study with a beginner Nature Study journal! Access For … Continue reading Our Confidence Academy