Are you worried about your child?

Are you worried and stressed about your child?

  • Anxiety
  • Fitting in with other kids
  • confidence and self esteem
  • academic performance
  • withdrawal from activities or groups

Do you want to learn tools to help  Empower your kids to Calm, Relax and be confident.

Utilising Yoga, meditation, EFT, Journals, Art, Stories and essential oils to build self esteem and confidence for you to grow into the best Mum you can to Empower your child......


beautiful life purpose

The Story so far

My husband Troy and I have been building kids confidence in and out of the pool for over 25 years. We have run swim schools and our Empowering our Kids Studio. We have helped kids to Believe, Dream and Achieve the biggest goals they can.  Our dream is to transform anxiety into Super Powers. 

We are parents to 3 beautiful girls and one beautiful granddaughter (so far) and have gone through many stages of life with our beautiful girls. Ups and Downs!

Empowering our kids believes Art Journals are a great tool for Mums to help yourself relax and empower your kids.

The Problem:

The hardest thing I have done as a MUM is to watch a child start school with so much confidence and then lose confidence due to not being able to learn the same way as the other kids due to SPD and dyslexia (and a countless number of other labels due to not being able to understand the child and learning ways) and countless snickers and bullying from the other children knocking her confidence to the point she did not want to learn anymore.

The Solution:

We started homeschooling our third child in year 5 and absolutely loved the process and the love of learning returned.

On our homeschool journey we have played with several different styles of homeschooling - Charlotte Mason, Unit study, Waldorf/Steiner and we definitely have an eclectic style of homeschool. The biggest thing I have learnt is Journals and ART!!!

I absolutely love Journals, even when I was a little girl, I have loved to keep a diary. Then at work notebooks for notebooks ( always had doodles and sketches of thoughts in the margins). Homeschool every subject has a journal and our Nature Journals would be by far our favourite. 

Now lets add Art to the mix, I could never decide on which media to use, So why not just use all of them. I found mixed media and the journals became more alive. Art Journals have become a daily practice and by no means is there just one!!! I love to share how to start, what to use, journal prompts for ideas, watercolour explorations or just doodles.

We used so many tools along the way yoga, meditation, EFT, neuroptimal, movement of all sorts and they all helped along the way to transform her anxiety for not wanting to go to school due to not learning the same way as all the other kids and the same way the system allowed.

 We know not everyone can homeschool their children and especially in high school so that is why we have created a Studio space where we can work with your child in a group setting or 1 on 1 Face to Face to help learn the SuperHero Powers too.

We also know not everyone can come to our studio so that is when The ART of SuperPowers was born to help parents learn and navigate the tools to use at home with your own kids in your own time.

We also have the option to work via Zoom together if you cannot make it to the studio.

The Problem 2:

Children are not all made the same or the rule that one size its all rule, we have over the years tried and tested many ways to build kids confidence so they can achieve anything they want in life.  Do you have an out of the box kid that needs to learn a different way and lets face it we all need to learn differently and be loved differently. Otherwise what a sad old world we would live in.

The Solution:

As a Life Coach I have mastered in CBT, Art therapy, mindfulness, Anxiety and dyslexia. I am a Positive Art Coach who can't wait to start you on your Art is for relaxation journey.

At our Studio we run workshops and classes to teach kids these skills and we have designed a program to help other parents who are also in the same boat we were.  

We know not every one is in the situation that they can stay at home to educate your child at home, we are extremely lucky to be able to go on this journey, but we have found tools to help our child these include nature study, yoga, meditation, reading aloud, art, art and more art.

Brain tools to retrain the brain and we are here to share our tools to help you with your journey. These are all tools you can add to your life to help your child.

We run workshops for parents to learn the tools to use at home with their kids. 

We believe everyone has to be on the same page. That is why we need to work together so we can find the SuperPowers together.

What will you find here

Workshops @ the studio

Workshops for our kids or workshops for our mums!

Art workshops run monthly and kids holiday workshops run each school holiday. Art Journals, Watercolour and affirmation cards.

We also have our Art Play day once a month, you can come chat, play and learn from each other

our online confidence academy

You will find online courses and challenges you can do at home with your kids! 

30 day challenge to start your own Art Journal

work 1 on 1

Work 1 on 1 with us via Zoom and our GoZen sessions

our blog 

Tips and tools to start a daily practice of an Art Journal, meditation and confidence building for you and your kids.